Data analysis, the command center

Having constant access to data and knowing how to identify which are the most relevant at any given moment is part of the work process. That’s why we collect, translate and display them so you can keep a close eye on your digital business.
What do we do?
  • Marketplaces's Dashboards
  • KPIs's Control and Optimisation
  • Sales Reporting
  • Data analysis

Decisions from data and analytics

We are in charge of synthesising the best information to make decisions together and help improve the business at all times.
We prepare data and analysis panels to have the most useful and relevant information available for the project in marketplaces. This makes us agile, efficient and profitable.
Any channel provides us with an infinite amount of information that, if well worked on, can make a big difference and not only helps us to analyse what has happened but also to prepare for what is yet to come.
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They help us in the decision making

Why are these data important?

They help us in the decision making

Having information available to choose what action to take reduces uncertainty in decision-making and helps to move forward with the best options.

Past, Present and Future

Study our history and draw conclusions from the results obtained to create the best forecasts, be agile on a day-to-day basis to pivot the strategy quickly and have the statistics of what is going to happen.

But, what does it mean?

Imagine that an organisation sells umbrellas, knowing that its sales in the last 3 years have been X taking into account that rainfall has been X litres and that this happens with a probability of X% helps us to set the objectives for the following year and automate the variations of this rainfall in the advertising investment with 15 days of margin according to the weather forecasts. What will we achieve if we take all the variables into account?

Our services

Did you know that, according to a study, more than 66% of online users search directly on Amazon, Ebay, Asos… when they intend to buy? If you want to start a marketplace project on Amazon, or you need to strengthen your current position, write to us so that we can analyse the current context and jointly assess possible areas for improvement.

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