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Each project has its own needs, and in TAKANA we are ready to help you find them.

Our services

People, strategy and Marketplaces

Strategic Consultancy

  • Audit and strategic consulting
  • Internationalisation
  • Markets and channels
  • Analysis and development of processes
  • Launching new products

Analysis and Data analytics

  • Marketplaces's Dashboards
  • KPIs's Optimisation
  • Sales Reporting
  • Data Analysis

Catalogue, Brand management

  • Content Optimisation
  • Enriched Content A+
  • Keyword Research
  • Brand Reputation
  • Advanced SEO
  • VINE Reviews

Advertising and Marketing

  • Campaign Optimisation
  • DSP Advertising (Display Network)
  • Marketing and Offers
  • Event Organisation
  • External Traffic


  • Account Management
  • Logistics control and management
  • Account setup and configurations
  • Integrations
  • Order flows, prices and stock


  • B2B Strategic Consulting
  • Opening and configuration of portals
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead automation
  • Price, stock and rule configurations